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What is Data Analytics and Intelligence?

Most of the data collected remains unstructured and are stored in very different formats which increases the complexity of the process and becomes difficult to use. Analyzing that huge information becomes necessary to make out meaningful insights to meet business needs. We try to bridge the gap by building a data analytical foundation, mapping the data pipeline and bringing up the process to productionize it. Some of the areas that are concentrated to bring out useful insights are:

Data Mining and Web Mining

Information mining is the way toward finding designs in enormous informational collections including strategies at the convergence of AI, insights, and database systems. The general objective is to separate data (with smart techniques) from an informational index and change the data into an intelligible structure for further use. The source can be web server data, application server or other types of data. We help you to understand the data according to your business needs.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of semantics concerned with communications among PCs and human (regular) dialects, specifically how to program computers to process and investigate a lot of common language information. Our services include grammar induction, morphological segmentation, parsing, stemming and word segmentation, lexical semantics, machine translation, natural language generation, speech recognition, sentiment analysis etc.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning includes logical investigation of calculations and measurable models that computer frameworks use to train a situation, depending on examples and derivation and implement it according to business needs. We provide comprehensive solutions on various approaches like supervised, unsupervised learning, feature learning, anomaly detection, deep learning etc.

Image Analysis

Analysis of various sources of images for medical field, machine/robot vision, pattern recognition, image processing by deep learning etc. are done using various techniques of data science and meaningful insights are recorded out through the images.

Business Intelligence

We help to evaluate complex information by combining data gathering, storage and knowledge management to decision makers to help them decide on improving the timelines and the quality of the input to the decision process.

Big Data Analytics

We also help to analyze huge data which represents fine grained and uniquely indexical data with volume and veracity. We help clients to manage the scalability and extensibility of the data to act on the velocity of the work.

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