QnSafe - Smart Mask

A convenient wear-in smart mask that is lightweight, easily portable in addition to detection of symptomatic and asymptomatic covid conditions.

A Patented Product that is RoHS Certified and holds a UKCA Mark.

A unique product with a smarter and effective design to curb the infection spread at early stages.

Temperature Measurement
  • Temperature of a person wearing the smart mask is continuously monitored and it is notified via the mobile application.
Blood Oxygen Levels Measurement
  • In the case of an asymptomatic condition, the person’s blood oxygen levels are monitored and data is sent to a mobile application.
Location of doctor for an emergency
  • A person wearing the mask can detect the location of a nearby doctor for an emergency. If an abnormality is observed, the person can contact a nearby hospital/doctor/ambulance.
  • The sensors are integrated into the most convenient circuit enclosure that prevents discomforts/ hindrance to the user without compromising on the quality of its unique functionality.
  • The circuit is detachable and the mask can be washed and reused.

Take Protection to Next Level!