Disinfect with Glofecs

Glofecs is a portable pair of disinfection gloves, with ultraviolet radiation-based advanced technology (UV-C LED technology). It disinfects with a single press of a button by permanently destroying the DNA and RNA structure of microorganisms.

We are channel partners for sales of Glofecs in India. The product belongs to Navtek Solutions Limited, UK.


Non-invasive powerful protection from Covid-19 and other microorganisms.


UVC-LED is used which is non-inflammable.

Easy to Use

Portable, water-resistant with convenient USB charging.

Mobile Application

Records percentage of disinfection on a particular surface, timestamp, number of times surface disinfection happening, nature of surface, and displays in a mobile app.

Disinfects all Solid Surfaces

Paper, plastic, glass, electronic devices, etc can be disinfected.

Effective Workplace Sanitization

Glofecs will make the sanitization process effective, easy and quick.

Take Disinfection to Next Level!